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Käthe Kollwitz at MoMA – Saluting the People’s Artist

Sandra Bertrand

Socialist movements were the order of the day in 19th-century Germany. Rapid industrialization was replacing an agrarian economy at the common man and woman’s peril. Kollwitz responded.

The Adventures of American Impressionist Tilden Daken

Bonnie Portnoy

Born within months of one another in 1876, Jack London in January and Tilden Daken in June, the painter and the writer, both 25 at the time, hit it off straight away. The westbound train was scheduled to arrive the following morning. That night, in the Reno railyard, London taught Tilden his rules of the road, the precarious practice of clinging to the brake beams inches above the track, or in the hobo vernacular, “riding the rods.”

Artist George Townley Embraces the Sun-Soaked Scenery of Los Angeles

The Editors

Escapism is a major theme in Townley’s work and the driving inspiration for his art. He grew up in a small, rainy town in the north of England, so drawing sun-soaked landscapes in California was a way of escaping his environment.

The Harlem Renaissance at the Met: An Explosion of Joy

Sandra Bertrand

The groundbreaking exhibition, The Harlem Renaissance and Transatlantic Modernism, explores the far-reaching and everyday ways in which Black artists portrayed modern life. Through some 160 works of painting, sculpture, photography, film, and ephemera, the new Black culture was taking shape. 

Marta Minujin Is a Tsunami of the Art World

Sandra Bertrand

Some artists make a splash from their first entrance. With enough talent, timing, and tenaciousness it’s almost a given. In the case of Argentinian-born Marta Minujin, she possesses all those attributes and more. Over a six-decade career that embraced soft post-war soft sculptures, large-scale fluorescent paintings, psychedelic drawings, and pioneering pop art performances, she has collided head-on with her critics.

Kay WalkingStick: A Native-American Artist for the Ages

Sandra Bertrand

With such a rich panoply of artworks on display, it’s easy to be distracted from the long and impressive artistic trail of WalkingStick that precedes this single exhibition.  Admittedly, this “dialogue” between the centuries is an illuminating effort, but it is WalkingStick’s own commitment to the natural world and affinity to her racial heritage in her art that stands out.

Judy Chicago’s Story and More than 80 Others at the New Museum

Sandra Bertrand

If anger plays its part in some of Chicago’s most blatant imagery, the Extinction suite puts her compassion for the death of entire species front and center. Her eco-feminist view demands a close look at the brutality against nonhuman life, which is no better exemplified than in The End.

Artist Graham Moore Draws Inspiration From Mid-Century Modern, Vintage Styles

The Editors

The clean, simple lines of mid-century modern design and the cool sounds of West Coast jazz and Bossa Nova Blue Note minimalist record cover artworks of the 1950s – 60s. The Abstract Classicists with their hard-edge painting style using bold lines, organic shapes, and textures. Vintage fashion and photography and classic cars. Pop Art, Constructivism and Suprematism. These are just a few ideas and movements that inspire Graham Moore’s collages.

Manet/Degas: A Tempestuous Love Affair at the Met

Sandra Bertrand

This exhibition, in collaboration with the Musees D’Orsay and L’Orangerie, is so robust and comprehensive, each viewer will have to make his or her choices on where to focus. In addition to standout masterpieces by both artists, there are historical paintings, wartime depictions, beach scenes and seascapes, the latter luscious treats for any pair of eyes.

John Hultberg’s Cinematic ‘Mindscapes’ Are Focus of New Exhibit

The Editors

Hultberg’s works are featured in 140 international institutions, including the Albright-Knox Art Gallery; Carnegie Institute Museum of Art; the Metropolitan Museum of Art; Museum of Modern Art, New York; Museo Tamayo, Mexico; Smithsonian Institution; the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum; Stedelijk Van Abbe Museum; Whitney Museum of American Art; and many others.


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