The Art of Jessica Fazzion

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Artist Jessica Fazzion was born in Rome in 1984. When she turned 20, she developed an interest in expressing herself through drawing. 


She asked her father to teach her the basic principles of drawing, perspective, and chiaroscuro techniques.  Fazzion then started practicing drawing and soon experimented with oil and acrylic painting.


After taking a course in professional makeup artistry, she also learned to use colors and face anatomy. 


The female figure in her art is one which Fazzion reflects herself to convey an emotion, a moment in life.  “Una Donna,” painted in 2008, is an example.


Fazzion creates pencil portraits as a way to give poetic expression to faces. A series of these portraits is dedicated to Italian actors. Another of her series features Hollywood actors, such as Salma Hayek and Ashley Judd, or characters like the Joker, as portrayed by Oscar winner Jared Leto.


As an artist, Fazzion has also developed – through Iranian friends – a great passion for the stunning art of Isfahan – and she has painted a number of beautiful mosaics that capture the essence of Isfahani art and architecture.


For future projects, Fazzion will continue drawing and painting, and participate in art exhibitions.    





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