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Highbrow Magazine®  is a politically liberal, general-interest magazine covering News & Politics, Media, Arts & Entertainment, Food, and Travel.


 The magazine, established in August 2011,  is the brainchild of Founding Editor & Publisher Tara Taghizadeh, who has worked for PostNewsweek Tech Media (a former Washington Post company), Gannett News Service, the National Geographic Book Division, Counterpoint Press, and The New Republic magazine, in addition to other news organizations and publishers. Her writings have been published in various publications and websites, including the Chicago Tribune, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Gannett Newspapers, San Francisco Weekly, and AOL, among others.


Virginia Woolf once described a highbrow as “the man or woman of thoroughbred intelligence who rides his mind at a gallop across country in pursuit of an idea.” It is that pursuit of an idea that inspires us at the magazine to analyze and critique the events and personalities of our time.


Highbrow Magazine is a Limited Liability Company (LLC).


Highbrow Magazine® is a registered trademark.


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