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‘First We Bombed New Mexico’ Spotlights Injustices Against Victims of the First Bomb Test

Ulises Duenas

One of the most shocking events the documentary explores is that just a couple of years after the bomb test, there was a surge in infant deaths among the families in the nearby towns. In the decades that followed, there was a large amount of cancer cases that were too numerous to be a coincidence or a medical anomaly. It was clear that the radioactive fallout was wreaking havoc.

Top Documentaries to Watch on Netflix Right Now

Laura Graham

Directed by Alison Klayman, White Hot: The Rise and Fall of Abercrombie and Fitch is a prolific documentary released in April 2022. This fast-paced exploration dissects the cultural phenomenon of the iconic brand, examining the decisions that propelled it to the heights of popularity before its eventual downfall.

The Best Movies From the 2024 Sundance Film Festival

Ben Friedman

In Love Me, a buoy played by Kristen Stewart falls in love with a satellite portrayed by Steven Yeun. That’s not a metaphor; it's actually what happens. Confused? Don’t worry, that is the point. Love Me explores the metaphysical power capable of penetrating logistical reason: love.

‘Scrambled’ Combines Humor, Empathy to Portray the Tribulations of Adulthood

Ben Friedman

McKendrick’s film is in communication with other adult coming-of-age films. Whether it is Kevin Smith’s Chasing Amy, Sam Mendes’s American Beauty, or the films of Judd Apatow, they all share one trait in common with Scrambled: humor. Said humor may be seen as politically incorrect in the context of hindsight, yet it is not a sign of failure in the filmmaker’s writing -- rather it showcases a willingness and honesty in their exploration of self.

‘Sunrise’ Excels at Confusing the Audience, Not Entertaining Them

Ulises Duenas

The beginning of the movie revolves around Guy Pierce’s character going on a rant about how different kinds of people aren’t meant to live together. The villain is so cartoonishly hateable that he ends up carrying the film. On the flip side, you have Alex Pettyfer who plays Fallon, the vampire who eventually decides he will do something about the evil bigot who is tormenting the town.

‘The Death Tour’ Deftly Portrays Ambitious Wrestlers Vying for Fame and Glory

Ben Friedman

The Death Tour follows wrestlers as they partake to see if they have what it takes for glory. The documentary captures the human psyche of a wrestler’s profile, and why they choose to compete. For some, they are driven by the idea of fame and glory.

‘Iron Claw’ Presents the Glory and Tragedy of the Von Erich Family

Ulises Duenas

The film focuses on the dynamics and turmoil of the Von Erich family, so less attention is given to the actual wrestling side of things. It’s understandable since this is primarily a drama and not a sports film. Still, I would argue that delving more into the careers of the Von Erichs as wrestlers is necessary for fleshing out their story completely.

The Best Films of 2023

Forrest Hartman

Christopher Nolan’s meditation on the father of the atomic bomb is tense, dramatic, and beautifully crafted from the first frame to the last. Much credit goes to Cillian Murphy, whose interpretation of the title character is worthy of an Oscar, and Robert Downey Jr., whose reading of Lewis Strauss reminds us that he is so much more than Iron Man.

‘Distant Tales’ Is a Fascinating Depiction of Pandemic-Era Psychological Turmoil

Ben Friedman

Shem Bitterman is fascinated by that human perversion that grows ever more clear as the brain is subject to social and physical isolation. When Distant Tales is at its most successful is when it follows the nuances of psychological warfare.

'Poor Things' Is a Beautiful Film Despite an Inconsistent Plot

Ulises Duenas

The most interesting aspect of the whole film is arguably its visual design and just the general aesthetic of the film. The setting is like a mix of Victorian London with a steampunk world and traditional sci-fi setting. Many shots in the movie are fantastic eye-candy and combined with the menacing, intrusive score, the end product is both beautiful and unsettling.


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