Elena Ksanti and the Power of Abstract Expressionism

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Elena Ksanti is a contemporary artist who specializes in abstract expressionism using the "fluid art" technique.


Ksanti constructs her art pieces highlighting the duality of our planet and the disparities held within: Light and Dark; Yin and Yang; Good and Evil; Love and Hate; Happiness and Sorrow, etc.


Ksanti views life as a world of contrasts, emotions, and possibilities. Touching on these topics and the gray areas in between, the artist actualizes these sentiments onto canvas for individual interpretation. Utilizing vibrant colors, designs, and differing techniques only emphasizes the messages embedded within each work of art that Ksanti creates.


For more information about the artist and the artworks featured here, visit: Elena Ksanti.

All images are provided by the press office of Elena Ksanti at FprBuro Communication Agency.


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