Season 3 of ‘The Bear’ Turns Up the Pressure but Leaves Many Stories Unresolved

Ulises Duenas

Is the third season of The Bear good? Absolutely. It may seem like a filler season that is meant to set up a bunch of events for the future, which results in an underwhelming finale. But It also builds much higher expectations for the fourth season, which I hope that can live up to the show’s high standards.

‘Meeting The Beatles in India’ Highlights the Fab Four’s Encounters With the Maharishi

Ben Friedman

The film tells the story of the band’s travels through the eyes of Saltzman, who, after a breakup, finds himself searching for spiritual enlightenment in India, only to run into and form a friendship with Paul, John, George, and Ringo. Luckily for musical historians, Saltzman, a future filmmaker, had his camera with him.

New Book Highlights Rarely Told Tale of the WWII Graves Unit

Anne Montgomery

My friend of over three decades tried to comfort me and her soldier husband: three tours, two in Afghanistan, one in Iraq, a navy-blue sweatshirt boasting an Airborne patch, a bracelet saying Remember The Fallen circling his wrist, a black, rubber ring dark on his calloused hand, the kind soldiers wear to honor others who’ve served or lost their lives in combat.

Why the Debate Over Social Commentary in Art Rages On

Garrett Hartman

It’s important to remember that the reduction of stories to singular talking points is a blunder committed by all sides of the political spectrum and ultimately makes us lose out on the beauty of storytelling, the way in which we reflect upon not only on the argument made by the medium in question, but the dialogue we have with it.

Food and Wine Pairings for the July 4th Holiday


Born in the sunny vineyards of New Zealand, there's no better choice than Whitehaven's Sauvignon Blanc to match the sweltering heat only the Fourth of July can bring. The bright and infectious vibrancy of just one bottle will remind you of what summer is all about.

My Rebellious Feet

Diary Marif

I wished he would come back soon, so I could see what the shoes looked like. For weeks, I’d had no appropriate shoes. The shoes I was wearing were patched so heavily that there was no space for new patches. Some spots were double-patched. My feet sometimes bled.

What the Supreme Court Decision Means for the Jan. 6 Rioters and Trump

Riley T. Keenan

The Supreme Court’s decision does not end the case against the Fischer defendants, who will likely stand trial on their assault and disorderly conduct charges. But it may lead to the dismissal of obstruction charges, or reversal of obstruction convictions, for other Jan. 6 defendants.

A Salute to Jazz and Its Devotees in ‘Music for Black Pigeons’

Forrest Hartman

Many documentaries focus on facts, figures, and dates, intent on giving audiences a short history lesson. Black Pigeons is more concerned with esoteric questions like what musicians hope to accomplish in their work and what that work means to their broader lives.

Translators in Search of a Vanished Author in ‘The Extinction of Irena Rey’

Lee Polevoi

Soon after the translators convene in Irena Rey’s village on the outskirts of the Białowieża forest in eastern Poland, “Our Author” makes an initial, harrowing appearance (as she has done with her translators many times before). Then, quite inexplicably, she vanishes.

The 2024 Summer Movie Season Needs a Serious Shakeup

Ben Friedman

Doom and gloom may well be coming for movie studios, but for a vastness of reasons, including studio overspending, the streaming model, and an inability to manage audience expectations -- The Fall Guy, IF, and Furiosa all seem to have fallen victim to self-imposed failure brought about by poor studio financial strategies.

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