New Book on Arlington, Va., Hits All the Worthy Spots

Eric Green

Arlington is an international city upon itself, with numerous activities and places to visit, as Barbara Noe Kennedy explains in her new book, 100 Things To Do In Arlington Virginia Before You Die. Things to do consist of more than touring the Pentagon or Arlington National Cemetery, even if those sites are majestic in their own right.

Everything You Need to Know About Traveling in Summer 2024

Christopher Elliot

Pretty much every barometer of travel intent is up for the summer travel season. Inflation and unemployment are low, and consumer sentiment and curiosity are high, fueling an unprecedented interest in travel during the summer of 2024.

Best Ways to Disappear on a Brazilian Beach

Peter Chang

Four o’clock in the afternoon may be called Miller Time or Happy Hour here in the U.S, but in the $50-per-night Rio de Janeiro hotel I was staying, guests knew it was Caipirinha time. From my surprisingly roomy second-floor balcony overlooking the affluent and SoHo-like Ipanema neighborhood, I could almost see the beach two blocks away.

You Don’t Have to Go Crackers Going to Costa Rica

Eric Green

When we arrived at Costa Rica’s international airport, it was apparent that it had become truly international. It was much bigger, speedier to go through security and customs, and far easier to claim your baggage. Previously, the airport couldn’t seem to handle the large number of travelers passing through its gates. Now, with even bigger crowds, it was a breeze.

12 Destinations You Absolutely Must Visit in 2024

Christopher Elliot

If you can get to Kyoto in April, you should. The cherry trees bloom in mid-March and usually reach their peak in early April. But even if you miss Sakura season, you really need to see this place. The former Japanese capital is filled with ancient temples and shrines. This is also the place to go to learn how to make sushi.

Toronto Makes Its Mark as a Burgeoning Wellness Destination

Barbara Noe Kennedy

Mention Toronto, and the first thing that pops into your head probably won’t be wellness, given everything else the city has going for it, including the striking CN Tower, fanatical sports teams, and modern cityscape vibe. But everywhere you go in this bustling metropolis on Lake Ontario, there’s an emphasis on being well.

Survival Strategies for Long Airport Delays

Christopher Elliot

The trick to surviving a long delay is having everything you need with you. If there's a long delay, your airline may not be able to access your checked bag. Shannon Wilburn has a short list of things she always packs in her overnight bag. It includes all of her toiletries and prescription medications as well as her headset and computer.

Deirdre Gartner Takes on Her Beloved New York City in New Book

Barbara Noe Kennedy

Special features highlight various aspects of New York, including coffeeshops, independent bookstores, and East Village shops. There are also fun facts sprinkled throughout—did you know you’ll find a handwritten poem by Emily Dickenson and George Washington’s recipe for beer at the New York Public Library?

Extreme Weather Ahead: Your El Nino Travel Survival Guide

Christopher Elliot

There's only one way to avoid extreme winter weather and still travel -- and that is to select your destination carefully to steer clear of the worst of it. Head south to avoid severe blizzards. Or travel to Asia or Europe to escape the worst effects of this climate pattern.

Revenge Travel Was Sweet, but Travelers Should Exercise Caution

Christopher Elliot

So where's everyone going in the post-revenge travel era? I asked Peter Strebel.He says some areas are seeing strong post-revenge interest from travelers, including Florida's Space Coast, Charlotte, Austin, and Washington, D.C. But the economy perks up, Americans could spend like there's no tomorrow and head overseas. If not, we'll always have Orlando.


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