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Calling Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Space Lasers

Eric Green

Marjorie Taylor Greene is not the only politician who seems to have gone off the deep end, whether they actually fall for such crazy ideas or are just doing so for political gain. Take for instance, New York Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, the high priestess of abandoning rational thought to serve her lord and master, the former president.

Fathers Should Also Look After Themselves -- as Well as Their Children

Derek M. Griffith and Elizabeth C. Stewart

Fathers generally aspire to be able to look after their children, spouse, or other loved ones. That may mean less sleep, longer hours at work, and less free time for hobbies and exercise.

Scandal, Spectacle, and Santos: From Comedy to Congress in the Year of George

Angelo Franco-DeWitt

In the end, George Santos is a reflection of our times—an era where the performance often overshadows the policy, and where the allure of the outrageous can eclipse the need for integrity. Let’s remember that the true challenge lies in balancing our appetite for entertainment with our responsibility as informed citizens.

‘Cat City’: Chicago Turns Feral

Sandra Bertrand

They consider feral cats – not climate change – as the number-one challenge to the birds’ survival. One book cited in the film is Cat Wars: Thee Devastating Consequences of a Cuddly Killer, co-authored by the activist Peter P. Marra, which examines the real threats to biodiversity.

The South Dakota Governor Shoots Dogs, Doesn’t She?

Eric Green

The governor, considered a potential vice-presidential running mate for former President Donald Trump in the 2024 election, described Cricket as “less than worthless” and “untrainable.” Obviously, she did not abide by the old adage that a dog is man’s (or woman’s) best friend.

Is Tipping Dead?

Christopher Elliot

Many service workers have come to depend on gratuities to earn a living. Squeezing a tip out of a customer before the meal is served or under the watchful eye of your server is hardly the fault of the employee. But the employees are likely to pay for these misguided policies.

TikTok Fears Point to a Larger Problem

Nir Eisikovits

Banning TikTok would benefit Meta and Google, their parent companies, but it wouldn’t benefit national security. People would still be exposed to as much junk news as before, and experience shows that these social media platforms could be vulnerable to manipulation as well.

The Deadliest Accident in U.S. Professional Sports History

Eric Vickrey

Professional baseball faced a similar postwar influx. More than 500 major leaguers and 4,000 minor leaguers had swapped jerseys for military fatigues during the previous four years. Two former big leaguers, Harry O’Neill and Elmer Gedeon, plus more than 100 minor-league players, lost their lives.

Navigating Grief and Solace in the Cycles of Life

Eric Green

After I regained composure and equilibrium, I was left in further disbelief when I discovered two eggs in that pot. I realized I had rudely interrupted the nesting of this bird. I imagine it regarded my sudden appearance as a grave threat to the livelihood of its still-to-be-hatched chicks and wasn’t about to let me interfere.

As Human Rights Continue to Deteriorate in Iran, Regional Tensions Escalate

Antonio Graceffo

Human rights groups have documented an alarming increase in cases of torture, ill treatment, and unfair trials targeting activists, journalists, and minorities. Numerous individuals are detained merely for expressing dissenting opinions.


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