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‘The Death Tour’ Deftly Portrays Ambitious Wrestlers Vying for Fame and Glory

Ben Friedman

The Death Tour follows wrestlers as they partake to see if they have what it takes for glory. The documentary captures the human psyche of a wrestler’s profile, and why they choose to compete. For some, they are driven by the idea of fame and glory.

‘Iron Claw’ Presents the Glory and Tragedy of the Von Erich Family

Ulises Duenas

The film focuses on the dynamics and turmoil of the Von Erich family, so less attention is given to the actual wrestling side of things. It’s understandable since this is primarily a drama and not a sports film. Still, I would argue that delving more into the careers of the Von Erichs as wrestlers is necessary for fleshing out their story completely.

The Best Films of 2023

Forrest Hartman

Christopher Nolan’s meditation on the father of the atomic bomb is tense, dramatic, and beautifully crafted from the first frame to the last. Much credit goes to Cillian Murphy, whose interpretation of the title character is worthy of an Oscar, and Robert Downey Jr., whose reading of Lewis Strauss reminds us that he is so much more than Iron Man.

‘Distant Tales’ Is a Fascinating Depiction of Pandemic-Era Psychological Turmoil

Ben Friedman

Shem Bitterman is fascinated by that human perversion that grows ever more clear as the brain is subject to social and physical isolation. When Distant Tales is at its most successful is when it follows the nuances of psychological warfare.

'Poor Things' Is a Beautiful Film Despite an Inconsistent Plot

Ulises Duenas

The most interesting aspect of the whole film is arguably its visual design and just the general aesthetic of the film. The setting is like a mix of Victorian London with a steampunk world and traditional sci-fi setting. Many shots in the movie are fantastic eye-candy and combined with the menacing, intrusive score, the end product is both beautiful and unsettling.

'Dream Scenario' Delivers an Interesting, Surreal Film From A24

Ulises Duenas

After Paul soaks in the strange adulation from strangers, things take a turn. People’s dreams about him turn into nightmares where he begins to brutally murder people. The depiction of those nightmares feels accurate compared with real dreams; they’re not overly absurd and the imagery is disjointed and confusing when presented to the viewer.

The Best Films of Martin Scorsese

Ben Friedman

That was my first encounter with Martin Scorsese, a director who shaped my teenage and early adult years. Possibly the greatest American filmmaker, Scorsese is incapable of making uninteresting films, thus defining his 10 best films would be a fool’s task. In curating these titles, it's less a question of greatness, but rather selecting the titles that I believe surmise Scorsese, the artist and person.

‘Down in Dallas Town’ Explores JFK’s Tragic Death and Its Aftermath 60 Years Later

Ben Friedman

Govenar's film explores public memory in Dallas six decades after Kennedy's assassination. Filmed almost entirely in Dallas, it delves into the aftermath of the assassination and its enduring influence on contemporary American issues, including conspiracy theories, gun violence, homelessness, and drugs—all of which can be traced back to that original tragedy of November 22, 1963.

‘The Holdovers’ Ushers in a New Holiday Classic

Ulises Duenas

If you can find this in theaters, watch it; if you see it on Blu-ray, buy it; and if it shows on a streaming service, then grab a drink and get ready for a top-tier classic. The Holdovers has what it takes to be a timeless film that will be replayed every holiday season for years to come.

Great Power, Great Diversity Across the Spider-Verse

Garrett Hartman

I think Peter B.’s muted presence in the film is one reason fans are so receptive to these new Spider-People. The film pays homage to the history of the character but also directs us to pay attention to the new cast. It comes across as a film that is specifically tailored for everyone. It emphasizes Spider-Man as a symbol of hope.


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