The Magic and Beauty of India: A Photo Essay

Eliot Hess


When you arrive in India, you immediately encounter the most magnificent colors ever presented in one scene. It’s almost as if an artist’s palette has come alive. The saris, the artwork, the furnishings make you feel as though you woke up in a colorful wonderland. There is no place on earth like this.

I was lucky to have visited India during the “Spring Festival of Playing Holi” or the “Festival of Colors.” It is a Hindu festival that is celebrated by smearing, or throwing, colored chalk at others and then spraying water to make the colors run. Everyone is fair game. 

The trip left me with a lasting sense of spiritualism and beauty. I felt peace and harmony as never before. Even though there is obvious poverty in many regions of the country, there is still a sense of contentment you can’t find anywhere else.






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Contributor Bio:

 Eliot Hess is a lifestyle and travel photographer, currently exhibiting at Williams McCall Gallery in Miami Beach. His work reveals the culture, history and beauty of Cuba, Cartagena, India, Morocco, Peru, Croatia, Southeast Asia, and elsewhere throughout Europe. He lives in Miami Beach and travels frequently to photograph.

Hess is also the co-owner of HWH PR, a leading high-tech public relations agency, and author of bestselling The Munchies Eatbook published by Random House. He is also an investor in two upcoming Broadway projects and is one of the largest mystery book collectors in the United States. He and his wife Lois Whitman-Hess have an extensive contemporary art collection including works by Hung Liu and Jefro Williams. They have one daughter. For more information, visit: or on Instagram: eliothess.


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