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‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Delivers Horror, Excitement, and Compelling Story Lines

Forrest Hartman

The new season of Stranger Things is really like a series of short movies, each running just long enough to get the story told. The shortest episode checks in at 64 minutes, the longest at 98. This trend of editing programming to the “right” length rather than a prescribed advertising outline, may be the greatest benefit of streaming, as it simply allows content creators to tell their stories. With Stranger Things Season 4, those stories are well told.

Despite Successful Acting, ‘Iceman’ Crime Drama is Hit or Miss

Nancy Lackey Shaffer

Kuklinski killed well over 100 people as a contract killer for the DeCavalcante and Gambino crime families in New Jersey and New York from the late 1960s until his arrest in 1986. He earned his nickname “The Iceman” by freezing the bodies of his victims for months before dumping them, confusing the time of death and keeping the police at bay for over a decade. His wife and children knew nothing of his “career” until the AFT bust. 

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