violent videogames

The Debate Over Videogames Rages On (and On)

Ariana Powell

In response to the demand for an effective ratings system, multiple popular game creators, such as Sega and Nintendo among others, formed what would become the Entertainment Software Association that crafted an ES Ratings Board, which is still in place today. Videogames are not legally required to have an ESRB rating, but most console manufacturers and physical and online retailers require it for the games they offer.

A Look at Hyperviolence in Media

Garrett Hartman

Countless videogames, films, and television series utilize this shorthand. Think of almost any piece of media set in World War II; the countless zombie films, games and TV shows. Demons are admittedly less utilized outside of games; however, trade them in for generic “aliens” in Hollywood and you have a pretty close match. We are then allowed to be happy to kill these “enemies,” and see them die in horrific ways because they are morally bankrupt.

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