solar power

The Caribbean’s Clean Energy Revolution

Richard Schiffman

This move to solar is being driven by tax incentives for green businesses and consumers. In an address marking the United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) “World Environment Day” in Bridgetown’s Independence Square, Barbados Prime Minister Freundel Stuart recently pledged that the island nation would produce 29 percent of its energy from renewables by the end of the next decade. That rather conservative goal is still over twice what the United States currently produces with renewables. 

How Solar Energy Got a Necessary Boost

Laura Flynn

National industry analysts say the solar sector grew by a third in just the first quarter of this year, with California leading the charge. A few things are making solar more accessible, among them: cheaper panels, rebates, and new ways to for pay for them. Crowdfunding is among these new and creative ways to finance solar panels. Instead of paying tens of thousands of dollars to install solar, other people pitch in and get something in return. It’s like a Kickstarter for your electricity bill – and it’s a business model that allows people to participate directly in making solar happen.


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