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The Media’s Frenzied Focus on Sex Scandals Raises Serious Questions About Double Standards

Angelo Franco

We know that the choice of language and framing in reporting on these scandals reveal underlying societal prejudices. And, importantly, the media's portrayal of sex scandals not only reflects societal attitudes but also actively shapes them. Public discourse around these incidents is heavily influenced by the media narrative.

The Sex Scandal That Brought Down the Falwells

Ben Friedman

Billy Corben’s God Forbid: The Sex Scandal That Brought Down a Dynasty gives a firsthand account of the seven-year sexual relationship between the Falwells and the infamously dubbed “pool boy” Giancarlo Granda. Here, Giancarlo details his first encounter with Becki while working in Miami. He chronicles his relationship with Jerry, meeting the Falwells’ children, becoming a business partner with the family, and his realization of the power the family held over him.

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