Note to the NFL: Hire Colin Kaepernick

Jaime C. Harris

It’s the shut up and just play ball vitriol of bigots and racists that has kept the 31-year-old Kaepernick off of every one of the league’s 32-team rosters for two seasons and counting. Last Thursday, Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax, who is African-American, voiced his position on the issue, saying, “I have grave concerns about the way that [Kaepernick] has been treated.”

A Victory for Colin Kaepernick

Monique Judge

Kaepernick began kneeling during the national anthem in August 2016—while he was still a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers—as a means of protesting police brutality, the extrajudicial killing of black people by police, and racial inequality. His silent, respectful protest gained momentum as other players across the league and across American sports joined him by kneeling or speaking out against inequality. 

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