income distribution

‘Americonned’ Breaks Down the Hollow Promise of the American Dream

Ulises Duenas

What really makes this documentary hit its mark is showing how hard the lives of various people become as the cost of living gets higher and their wages stay the same. The sheer uncertainty of their situation is relatable for many of us, and footage of people explaining why the middle class has eroded and why the deck is stacked against the average person is woven in between to give it all more context.

99 Percent to NYT’s David Brooks: Get Real

Paul Kleyman

In his January 9 New York Times  column, “Where Are the Liberals?”  conservative commentator David Brooks chides the venality of Democrats, as well as Republicans, for “perpetually soiling the name of government for the sake of short-term gain.” In his presumptively even-handed tone, Brooks declares that is corrupted by “renters,” special interests who have mired America’s leaders in conflicts of interest. And who are the renters? Along with Wall Street—you know, the 1 percent most of us think of as the owners, not the renter--Brooks pillories old people.


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