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'The Greatest Showman' and the Problem of ‘Exploitainment’

Adam Gravano

The Greatest Showman takes the second perspective. These aren't just “freaks.” Yes, the draw is their perceived defects and differences, but what would they be without them? Why shouldn't they take pride in these and showcase them to the world? Is this even right? Is it being done in such a way as to appeal to the coarse and base in us? The question should remain unanswered, as there's plenty of exploitative media to go around for the able-bodied and sound of mind as well: every cable news confrontation, the entire reality television niche, and the revelations of #MeToo lay bare an industry to which Barnum would hardly be a stranger — perhaps even unreconstructed. 

‘Wolverine,’ ‘Mortal Instruments’ Arrive on DVD, Blu-ray

Forrest Hartman

Superhero films have more clout than ever before, and Marvel Entertainment has a lot to do with that. The media giant has done a remarkable job transitioning its comic book characters to the screen with movies that balance keen storytelling and astonishing visuals. The company’s latest success is “The Wolverine,” a new chapter in the ongoing saga of Logan (Hugh Jackman), a nearly immortal mutant armed with razor-sharp, retractable claws and an indestructible metal-plated skeleton.   

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