Game Drain: What Subscription Services Spell for the Industry

Garrett Hartman

Microsoft’s major marketing push in gaming has been Xbox Game Pass: a subscription service that gives users access to a rotating library of hundreds of games. For simplicity’s sake, think Netflix for gaming. One of the biggest appeals of Game Pass is a monthly price lower than the cost of buying a single one of the games on offer.

‘Mortal Kombat’ Offers Blood, Guts, and Not Much Else

Ulises Duenas

The silver lining is that if you’re a Mortal Kombat fan and you want blood and gore, that’s exactly what you get. While the fight choreography is subpar, the amount of violence in the movie is through the roof. While it is gratuitous and sometimes comical, it was still fun to see and it wouldn’t have been a bona fide Mortal Kombat movie without it. It’s clear that the writer and director had a passion for the games and knowledge of their history.

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