Millions Impacted by Extreme Weather Conditions in 2018

Natalie Sauer

Extreme weather impacted almost 62 million people in 2018, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), while the fallout from Cyclone Idai in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi continues. At one degree of warming above pre-industrial levels, freak floods, heatwaves, and prolonged cold snaps have devastated lives across the globe, the WMO’s State of the Climate report revealed.

Floods Show Bangkok Ill-Prepared for Climate Impacts

Marwaan Macan-Markar

From New America Media and Inter Press Service: Bangkok's 8 million people are paying the price of ignoring warnings over many years concerning the city's climate vulnerability and the incapacity of its soggy foundations to handle flooding. [Since late October] large swathes of the Thai capital, built on a flat marshy delta with some sections below sea level, have been submerged by floodwaters.

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