An Economically Incentivized Climate Solution

Alexander Ostrovsky

The bottom line is that the earth’s natural ability to pull carbon out of our environment is beyond strained. From deforestation and carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels, the path that we are on is not sustainable. Wind and solar farms are great except that they are costly to build, do not produce enough energy to sustain any of our large cities, and require subsidies from our public institutions to be built and maintained. 

Former Green Jobs Czar Compares Obama, Romney on Environmental Issues

Ngoc Nguyen

Obama has tried to be consistent with his all-of-the-above approach [to energy]…[which] puts a big emphasis on renewables, and Romney has been all over the place on this issue... At least you know what you are getting with Obama. You have no idea what you are getting with Romney. (But) the environmental movement is going to have to push Obama the day after the election.


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