Vivienne Westwood’s ‘Protest’ at London Fashion Week

Marie-Louise Gumuchian

Britain’s dame of fashion Vivienne Westwood gave models a voice on her catwalk. The 77-year-old, known for her environmental activism, allowed her models, which included actress and anti-harassment campaigner Rose McGowan and other campaigners, to address various issues as she presented an eclectic mix of creations. “We need more heroes,” McGowan declared on the runway.

U.K. Progressives: Is There an Opportunity in the Wake of Brexit?

Nikhil Venkatesh

But while the Labour Party tears itself apart, with a challenge to its far-left leader, Jeremy Corbyn, there are some real positives to take from what happened. There is still a chance that Britain might not leave the EU. Article 50 notification, the official start of the withdrawal process, has not happened, and will not happen until the autumn at the earliest. Once it does, Britain and our European neighbors then have to come to agreements on the status of Brits abroad and Europeans in the United Kingdom, about contributions to the EU budget, and so on. 

How a Racist, Anti-Immigration Campaign Resulted in Brexit

Jason Johnson

The biggest issue driving the Brexit vote, however, was not sovereignty and was not directly tied to economics. It was about immigration. EU members are required to allow relatively open immigration of citizens from one nation to the next, and this was exacerbated by the Syrian refugee crisis. In the U.K., the openly racist anti-immigration U.K. Independence Party, led by Nigel Farage, turned the Brexit vote into a referendum on keeping black, brown and Muslim people away from the rest of Europe. 

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