The Art of Jennifer R. A. Campbell

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Jennifer R. A. Campbell's compositions call attention to the chaotic world of humanity, while conversely investigating the various elements that inform the ways we interact. She presents her characters in fictitious landscapes, amid a frenzied environment that invites the spectator into a visual feast of symbols. In the absence of words, the viewer is able to arrive at multiple interpretations as to what is occurring in the scene presented as the artist furthermore highlights the absurdity of human existence.


According to Campbell, "Set in fictitious landscapes, these flickering vignettes involve characters cast from both the leisure class and the fringes of society. Comedy and tragedy mingle with satire and nonsense in ambiguous, yet suggestive narratives that call attention to the absurdity of human existence. Only the landscape backdrops are harmonious and well-ordered. Nature - beautiful and indifferent - offers no comment on the tragedies unfolding in the discordant and chaotic world of humanity."









Brentwood Arts Exchange

3901 Rhode Island Ave. 
Brentwood, MD 20722



March 25- May 18, 2019  --  Free and open to the public.


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Courtesy of Jennifer R. A. Campbell
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