Anita Shapolsky Gallery Features More Masters of Abstraction

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Anita Shapolsky gallery is currently presenting “Masters of Abstraction,” that takes place in the virtual world of the Hamptons Art Fair.


This group show is composed of artists who are known for their strong, lyrical, expressive brushstrokes; their use of color; and their ambitious geometric compositions.


Featured artists include: Seymour Boardman, Ernest Briggs, Amaranth Ehrenhalt, Ethel Schwabacher, Yvonne Thomas, and Jeanne Miles.


The exhibit is on view through November 30, 2021.


For more information, visit: Anita Shapolsky Art Foundation.



1. Untitled, 1963 – Seymour Boardman

2. Map Notes, 1965 – Yvonne Thomas

3. Untitled, November 1959 (Ernest Briggs)

4. Jagged Edge,  1959 – Amaranth Ehrenhalt

5. The Sounds of Children’s Laughter, 1954 -- Jeanne Miles

6. Two, 1957 – Ethel Schwabacher          


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All images courtesy of Anita Shapolsky Gallery
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