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Carl Heyward


Carl Heyward is an artist and writer living in San Francisco. He has exhibited his mixed-media paintings and artists’ books internationally and has been collected by numerous institutions and individuals including: The Sackner Archives, Califia Books, The New Museum of Art (NY), SF Museum of Modern Art Library, SF Art Institute, SF Academy of Art University, Yale University Art Library, The Australian National Gallery and Sonoma County Museum of Modern Art. He taught History of Art Criticism, Introduction to Film and Video Production and Thesis Writing and Presentation in SF Academy of Art’s MFA Program and served as a graduate adviser.


 Heyward produced Artspeak for Viacom SF, a program of interviews and conversation with performance demonstrations. Artspeak was distributed by MWF Video NY and Video Data Bank at Rochester School of the Arts. His work in performance includes collaborative grants for New Performance from National Endowment for the Arts with Rene Yanez and their Fusion Visual Theater. Other collaborative works include Sincerely San Francisco (postcards), work with Fashion Moda and New Langton Arts (South Bronx and SF), Our Lady Of Mystery Theater (Purgatory) which combined set design, music and dance with spoken word.


His arts interviews include Diamonda Galas, Frank Zappa, Carolee Schneemann, The Dark Bob, Philip Glass, Robert Wilson, Karen Finley, John Sex, Luis Valdez (High Performance interview and The Citizen Artist) and John Giorno.


His work in print and electronic journalism include appearances in Rolling Stone, Artweek, Artscribe International, SF Bayview Newspaper, Art Com, Metier, High Performance, radio stations KPFA, KPOO, KRE, KJAZ, KMEL, WRAS as announcer, public affairs director, critic or publicist.


Though affiliated with Meridian Gallery, Heyward has served on the Advisory Board for Artists’ Television Access, SF Art Institute’s Artists’ Committee, served as an alternate for the California Arts Commission and received an NEA Arts Administration Fellowship; recently exhibited at Bonnafont Gallery, SF (new mixed-media works) July 2011 and SHATTERED exhibition at Marin MOCA curated by Hearst Newspapers Critic Kenneth Baker August 20th-September 25th 2011.


Current projects include KNEE(jerk) Fragmentation (mail art) PROJECT utilising the original pre-contemporary social network: the international postal system involving presently more than 200 global artists in a one-for-one art exchange through 2012 (exhibition, ltd ed. catalog pending) as well as ZIMBABWE (two-step) an off-shoot of the K(j) PROJECT and a visual improvisation and collaboration with Australian artist Lorna Crane. Cuated by Monica Lissi, Heyward exhibits in Lecce, Italy images from the BUS PORTRAITS (distortion) series in December 2012 and participates in a two-person co-lab exhibition with Crane at Pambula, New South Wales in 2013: ZIMBABWE (two-step). His "SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION: language/image lab is distributed via email subscription and as a wordpress blog site:

















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J'aime beaucoup le travail réalisé par l'artiste Carl Heyward.Ses toiles offrent une atmosphère particulière qui ne laisse pas insensible le spectateur.


I can add that Carl's Knee(jerk) is a real inspiration to me personally. I am an artist living and working, mostly in oils, in County Donegal, Ireland. I joined Kneejerk about 6 weeks ago and it has helped me free up my sty;e of working, enjoy the process more, realise that the 'end product' isn't necessarily the goal. I have sent Carl 4 'bundles' of assorted collage and mixed media work so far, some small cards made by 'fragmenting' larger ones, some simply pieces of work that can be 'grafted' onto other pieces. It's exciting, innovative and great fun! Liz Doyle



Your comment is appreciated sense of realisition atmospheric and / or suggestion has evolved gradually in my work, I believe that once I "let the material tell me what to do", as opposed to pure media manipulation or a sense of urgency around / theme / symbol / etc object has a greater connection to all faculties available and being fully in the moment, a unit of the elements that are otherwise discharged and untapped undisclosed ...


Thank you for being an invaluable part of the KNEE(jerk) Fragmentation (mail art) PROJECT, your contributions are evidence of the great talent and depth of expression of international artists and those interested in the arts who share this global space, time and opportunity.

How exciting Carl and Lorna!  It has been a pleasure to get to know you through your art.  Also has been a thrill to be a part of the KNEE(jerk) Fragmentation PROJECT.  I love the textures you use in your strong compositions Lorna.  Carl it is amazing what one person can start and how far it can go...I love your play with metaphors and messages through your art.  I enjoy your photographic series as well as your multimedia collages.  Congratulations to you both...Kathie O'Leary


  I like carl heyward work its all good collages., with bold sence of pictorial  understanding  he use material as it goes with its Won sencibility.  really good application of thought and material .really work of thinking mind


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