Rita Moreno Documentary Shows the Story of a Living Legend

Ulises Duenas


The term “trailblazer” has been applied to many people throughout history -- the first to do something or maybe just the first to do something in a specific way. The true trailblazers aren't the ones who just found their own way but paved the road so that others might follow later in their footsteps. After watching the documentary Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go For It, it’s clear that she belongs in the latter category.


This documentary is made by Roadside Attractions and they’ve done a great job of showing Moreno’s career highlights, coupled with interviews with her and those in show business who know her well.


Scenes are edited masterfully as there are plenty of movie clips, old photos and general B-roll that fit the subject of the scene throughout the documentary. Moreno herself comes off as extremely charming and likable. The film begins by showing her making preparations for her 87th birthday party and she seems so full of life and witty throughout that opening scene. 


After the cheerful opening it’s not long before the documentary delves into the pain and suffering Moreno felt in her early career. Being typecast as a Native or Polynesian girl despite being Puerto Rican, abused by the Hollywood system, and never having the freedom to just be herself.



The documentary does a great job of making you empathize with Moreno and because of that, you feel elated when she talks about how her life and career eventually turned around dramatically.


This is a film about a true survivor. It’s important to remember that Moreno is an icon who broke the glass ceiling in Hollywood, and went on to become an EGOT (winner of the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony awards). She’s a rare talent who has experienced major highs and lows, and her story is told wonderfully in this documentary.


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