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Robert Faulkner


Ever since the pandemic struck, our lives have changed. We are now governed by new rules – wear a mask, sanitize, maintain social distance.

Although life is considerably different from what we are used to, most of us have adapted to the new changes. People still need to travel and experience new environments, and one solution is virtual tours.

Virtual tours are the perfect way to ward off the COVID-induced boredom to which most of us have succumbed.



Virtual Tour of a Museum

There are multiple virtual tours to different museums around the world. Each museum has its share of history and displays. Some of the museums to visit include:

The British Museum, London. It’s compiled with ancient historical artifacts from Europe, the Americas, Asia, Oceania, and Africa.

High Museum of Art, Atlanta. It showcases the story of the Civil Rights Movement.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City. It contains 30 exhibits from iconic artists such as Johannes Vermeer and Vincent Van Gogh.


A Virtual Tour of Ancient, Sacred, and Religious Places

Some of the places to visit are Google virtual tours of the Taj Mahal, a virtual pyramids tour, an Angkor Wat virtual tour, and a tour of the Vatican.



Traveling Virtually

Travel via your mobile device to any of these destinations:

Yellowstone National Park – which offers unique geologic and hydrothermal wonders. The park has lakes and rivers, which provide a suitable habitat for several people, plants, and animals.

The Atlanta Zoo – which has preserved a lot of animals that are rare in the United States. Some of the zoo's original animals include camels, lionesses, gazelle, jaguar, monkeys, and Mexican hogs.

A virtual tour to Mars by NASA -- NASA recently partnered with Google to offer users the opportunity to tour Mars virtually. The tour includes views of actual valleys and dunes. You'll also get to visit the four sites vital for NASA's Mars Lab mission: Murray Buttes, Pahrump Hills, Curiosity's landing site, and Marias Pass.

Berlin -- Berlin is a city rich in history. Some of the places you'll see include the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, Museum Island, Berlin Wall Memorial, German Historical Museum, Berliner Fernsehturm: Berlin's Television Tower, and the Checkpoint Charlie Museum.

A virtual Safari tour of select national parks and game reserves in Africa -- A safari in national parks and game reserves in countries like Kenya offer a worthwhile experience, and offer glimpses of marine life, wildebeest migration, hunting, and the struggle for survival, mating, etc.



Author Bio:

Robert Andrew Faulkner is a family and child psychologist. He has been working with couples from all over the United Kingdom and wants to share his experiences. Faulkner's hobbies include reading psychology books, football, and traveling around the world.  One of his biggest dreams is to climb Mount Everest and photograph the dawn. More information about Faulkner can be found on one of his sites.


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