Kazuki Takamatsu Explores Haunting Imagery in New Series

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Kazuki Takamatsu’s haunting black-and-white imagery explore narratives of death and society, through a unique technique that he developed, in which classic mediums such as drawing, airbrush and gouache painting are combined with computer graphics. Within this new body of work, Takamatsu reflects on the conflict between personal freedom and the constraints of living within a larger societal group. Your Wings introduces 14 of the artist’s signature mixed media pieces, and features two new series: It is Time to Release and Thoughts on Freedom.


Regarding his new works, Takamatsu explains: “I wanted to make the exhibition hopeful, not just black and white. After living a full year of self-restraint, due to COVID-19, feelings such as wanting to see my friends and go on trips became stronger and stronger. Suddenly, I thought I could go anywhere with wings. So these new works show my honest feelings. The show tells a story that begins with my piece ‘Feathers and Masks’ and ends with ‘Your Wings.’


Marking Takamatsu’s fifth solo show at the Corey Helford Gallery, Your Wings premiered in January 2021. The show is available to view in-person by appointment only because of  COVID-19 restrictions.


For more information, visit the Corey Helford Gallery.






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All images courtesy of Corey Helford Gallery
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