Marvel Universe Fans Are In for a Treat With ‘The Wakanda Files’

Ulises Duenas


The Marvel Cinematic Universe might have slowed down this past year, but that makes it a good time for fans to reflect on the whole series. Epic Ink has published Troy Benjamin's The Wakanda Files, an encyclopedia and archive of technology and characters from across the entire Marvel universe.


This is sold as a premium product for the retail price of $60. The big gimmick for the book is an included Kimoyo bead with a UV light inside that’s used to decode notes and messages left by Shuri. The bead itself is made of plastic and can be somewhat difficult to use because of its small size. The light is activated with a small button that has to be held down instead of working on a toggle. It makes reading notes and other messages more of a pain than it should be, but the notes do add a layer of context to what’s on the page. 



I really like the idea of decoding notes in a book that’s meant to be an archive of high-tech gadgets and secret dossiers. Using the UV light added to the immersion of reading through the book, but the minor annoyance that came from the bead’s quality got in the way of that immersion. The notes and messages give some good background information on what the scientists of Wakanda thought of the events of the Avengers movies while they watched behind the scenes. Hardcore Marvel fans should especially view the notes.


All 160 pages of this book showed some nice variety. Organizations, people, weapons, vehicles and more are explored, but I wish some sections offered more detail. My favorite parts of the book were those that went over the technology built by Tony Stark. Looking at blueprints of his suits and the stuff he built for Iron Man made me wish that there was a more detailed breakdown of what made those things work. However, it was great to see so much original art displayed in the book.



Presentation and detail matter a lot when it comes to products like this. The Wakanda Files nails the presentation well, but I still would have liked to see more detail in the content. Asking $60 for this book is actually fair, considering its size and quality.  I just wish the bead was easier to us.


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