Lowbrow Meets Highbrow at Gallery 30 South’s Coaster Show

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PASADENA, CALIFORNIA  – Gallery 30 South is currently featuring the return of the the "Original Coaster Show.”


Seven years ago, “The Coaster Show” became world-famous for the sheer scope of unique pieces of art by extraordinary artists, many who saw their careers explode from the original show.


Combining the quirky, the vibrant and the storytelling aspects of art, Gallery 30 South has set up an exhibit of hundreds of artful coasters displayed in a storyboard fashion along the walls of the gallery. Beer coasters (like those you can find at your local bar or restaurant) have been transformed from a disposal, functionary object into a canvas for one-of-a-kind art pieces.


The show, founded by Gallery 30 South owner Matt Kennedy in 2013, features the works of some of the most important, young artists of of today. The annual event gathers up to a thousand unique pieces of artwork by hundreds of individual artists, many whom are now making their gallery debut.


In addition, the annual show includes a significant number of works that highlight diversity, as well as exceptional works created by artists with disabilities. From autism to limited mobility, these amazing artists have overcome physical and developmental challenges to create a collection of soulful and inspiring works of art. Subjects include cultural heritage, environmental activism, gender and orientation equality, mental health awareness, and even the occasional political cartoon.


“It’s a lot of work to pull together, but this is my favorite show to curate each year,” says director Matt Kennedy. “Taken as a whole, the exhibition is a single installation comprised of work by hundreds of individuals in random collaboration. And with entry-level pricing, anyone can acquire one piece or full artist sets quite affordably and become a true patron of the arts. The gallery walls are covered with these tiny, extraordinary and invariably unique art pieces, so you can walk the show a hundred times and still see something new each time.


At its core, this show is the transformation of a lowbrow concept into an egalitarian ideal, which is that art really is everywhere.”








The 7th Annual Coaster Show Exhibition

Gallery 30 South, 30 South Wilson Avenue, Pasadena California 91106

Runs through October 27, 2019


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Courtesy of Gallery 30 South
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