The Light That Shines on Germany

Eliot Hess


Family and friends ask me why I travel as much as I do. There is a simple answer to this question: to see the world while I can. I love to photograph the unexpected. I love showing others that the world is filled with wonderful surprises that bring us all together in peace and harmony. I never expected that Berlin, Nuremberg, Munich and the Bavarian countryside and their residents would be so welcoming.

Given Germany’s turbulent and dark history, one would perhaps expect a different experience, but as we all know, we must overlook the destruction caused by a few, and cherish the serene greatness built by the multitudes of Germans who love their country.









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Eliot Hess is a lifestyle and travel photographer. His work reveals the culture, history, and beauty of Cuba, Colombia, India, Ireland, Morocco, Peru, Croatia, Southeast Asia, and elsewhere throughout the world. He lives in Miami Beach and travels frequently to photograph.


Hess is also the co-owner of HWH PR, a leading high-tech public-relations agency, and author of bestselling The Munchies Eatbook published by Random House. He is also an investor in upcoming Broadway projects and is one of the largest mystery book collectors in the United States. He and his wife Lois Whitman-Hess have an extensive contemporary art collection including works by Hung Liu, Jefro Williams, Asad Faulwell, Jairo Alfonso, and Ariamna Contino. They have one daughter. For more information, visit: or on Instagram: eliothess.


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All photos by Eliot Hess; Copyright Eliot Hess (2019)
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