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Explaining Obamacare: A Guide for the Perplexed

Jim Jaffe

The dream standard, which Obamacare does not aspire to meet, is a system that provides any care requested from any provider without worrisome costs.  Such care would include eyeglasses, hearing aids, dental work and unlimited physical and mental therapy, all conveniently available at sites where cost was never a barrier. There is no existing insurance plan in America that provides such a broad menu of services.  While these services may solve real problems, insurance typically limits or excludes them.

Group Delivers 10,000 Letters to Gov. Jindal to Expand Medicaid

Kari Harden

With close to 10,000 letters in tow, a group of community leaders traveled to Baton Rouge Friday morning to make an in-person delivery to Governor Piyush Jindal. The Jeremiah Group, a faith-based, non-partisan community organization, started their “Life, Liberty, and Healthcare for All” letter campaign in July. The signed letters urge Jindal to accept Medicaid expansion for Louisiana and were collected from residents across New Orleans.

Thousands of Health Policies Canceled Due to ACA Change

Viji Sundaram

Belay is among some 120,000 Blue Shield customers -- which represent about 60 percent of its individual market -- who received such a letter in recent weeks. Other insurance companies have cancelled policies, telling their customers that their existing policies fall short of the 10 “essential health benefits” the ACA requires all plans to include beginning Jan.1, 2014, the day the health care law is fully implemented. 

Low-Income Health Programs Are Crucial to Success of Healthcare Reform

Daniel Zingale

The state legislative session is now in full swing, and lobbyists and advocates are descending on Sacramento to talk health care coverage – who should be eligible and how they should get it. It's a debate you might have expected Obamacare to end. But though California and millions in our state will benefit when the president's plan kicks in next January, about 3 million to 4 million Californians, the majority of whom are legal residents, will remain uninsured.

The Long and Necessary March to American Health Care Reform

Matthew Rudow

Talk of the end of American exceptionalism seems to be everywhere lately, but in at least one area, the United States inarguably reigns supreme.  Currently, per capita health care expenditures in the U.S. are approaching $8,000 a year, far more than anywhere else in the world.  The nation with the second-highest per capita cost, Norway, spends  $2,500 less per person per year.  What do Americans get for their money?  A life expectancy of 78.2 years, slightly ahead of Panama and Libya.

Briefing Focuses on the Benefits of the Affordable Care Act

Viji Sundaram

While some say health care reform may not have gone far enough, the “three big things” it delivers are greater protection for consumers against insurance companies through the new health Patient’s Bill of Rights, expansions in health care coverage and control of health care costs.

California Leads the Way in Health Care Reform

Liz Gonzalez

From New America Media:  As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to review the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), California health experts are confident that the state will continue to lead the way on health reform. California has the highest number of uninsured persons of any state. Through the work of health and consumer advocates, the state has focused on building the infrastructure for future coverage expansion and implementing as many of the changes as fast as it can. 

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