More Than 50 Years Later, the Spirit of Revolution Lives On in Cuba

Roger Burbach

In Cuba change is in the air. But such change should not be read as an end to the revolution. “The United States and the exile community are dead wrong if they think that regime change will take place at any time in the near future,” said Julio Diaz Vazquez, a professor at the Center for Investigations of the International Economy at the University of Havana. Whether one talks to government and Communist Party officials, university professors, or simply to people on the street, it is clear that in Cuba, socialism is very much alive and well.

Music, Cuba’s Greatest Export

Jacob Simas

From charanga to son to timba, Cuba has long been a country world-renowned for its distinct musical styles and traditions. Nevertheless, people in the United States – even the most ardent music lovers -- aren’t likely to become aware of the newest Cuban artists or to hear the latest musical trends, short of paying an actual visit to the island. Greg Landau is a producer, musician and educator from the Bay Area who's traveled to Cuba more than 30 times. New America Media’s Jacob Simas sat down with Landau in his Alameda, Calif., recording studio, where they spoke about Cuban music.


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