The Art of Clarisse Perrette

Clarisse Perrette

Born and raised in New York City, artist Clarisse Perrette currently lives and works in Chicago. Her paintings have been featured at a number of galleries around the country, including s.e.e.d. Gallery (Brooklyn), Artist’s Museum (Washington D.C.), the Art Students League (New York City) and the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago.


According to Perrette, “My paintings explore the random, hectic movements in the day-to-day—one action bumps into another—one thought suddenly leads you to a very different one—one shape leans into the next. We move fast and disconnectedly. Sometimes it adds up to a whole, and sometimes it remains in pieces.”


To find out more about the paintings featured in Highbrow Magazine, contact the artist here.

Painting on main page: Flourish I (2010)


1. JRP Blue (2010)

2. JRP Map (2011)

3. Flourish II (2010)

4. Flourish III (2011)

5. Flourish IV (2011)

6. A New View (2010)

7. Alderman Austin (2010)

8. Bright Spaces XI (2010)

9. Bright Spaces XX (2010)

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Clarisse Perrette
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