Hedley Continues Its Climb Up the Charts With New Smash Hit

Alysia Stern


Hedley is a popular Canadian pop-punk band that has been performing since 2004. They just released their fourth album, Storms. “Through thick and thin we are a band, but we are brothers. If we are not having fun doing this, there is no point in doing this at all.”


Their new smash hit “Kiss You Inside Out,” continues to climb the charts. The YouTube video itself has more than 1.7 million hits. Hedley released four consecutive double-platinum albums in Canada and their songs are in demand more today than ever. Their last 12 videos all hit #1 on Canada’s Much Music and they have received two JUNO awards and 15 nominations. As one of Canada’s most popular touring acts, they’ve sold out numerous shows and performed at the closing ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics. I was able to chat with Dave Rosin, the guitarist from the band in between their hectic schedule and radio tours.


Have you had any challenges creating any of your four albums?

Oh yes, of course, absolutely! Whether you make your first album or your ninth one, there may always be something. Even on this last record we went through some challenges, a couple of new fathers and a couple love lost loved family members. But as long as we are working together as friends and family… sometimes you can’t put life on hold.


Have you made many sacrifices since 2004? Any regrets?

We all have, I guess. We are all extremely lucky to be able to tour and play. We have the most incredible jobs where we get to entertain people. I wake up grateful every day. The band is important to all of us and that is how we get through and stay together. My biggest regret was that I accidently erased something off my wife’s computer last night. But other than that I have been very lucky.


Music gives artists a chance to express themselves, their philosophies and more. What does Hedley express through their music?

I would like to say honesty. We are an honest band; songs are based on true stories. We believe things will get better even when the worst possible scenario happens.


How was your collaboration with Babyface?

Amazing times… he was an absolute pro, a smooth producer. It was a great idea to be working with him. I thought our song turned out really cool.


How about a duet with a female? Any talk about that?

Yes, we have talked about doing a duet which is very story based where the parts complement each other each other. Definitely, in the future.


You have 15 Juno Nominations, three platinum certificates and millions of downloads of your videos. What does that feel like?

It feels very rewarding. We have amazing fans. We couldn’t be more thankful to our fans, family and people.



How is the tour going?

We stopped in Salt Lake and went on to play in Golden Gate Park. That was really neat. I can’t believe how many people actually played there. I hope we are coming to New York. There is nothing like New York in the winter/ holiday time.


You guys are all handsome. Do women throw themselves at you?

It’s funny, I would love to see another woman throw another woman at us. We have beautiful fans and a wide array as well. If anyone wants to throw themselves, let them know we are good duckers and can run very fast!


Spiderman or Batman?

I was a Spiderman fan growing up. But there is something about Batman.  But the Spiderman theme is better; kids love it.


Music is a great escape. When you are alone or with your family, can you tell us what your great escape is?

Everything ; I like new stuff. There are a lot of great bands from Vancouver. There is a great band called Mother Mother (it’s really neat; check it out.) I like old, rebel and punk rock stuff. Online radio is awesome.


Are there any words of wisdom that you would like to give your fans?

In general do not sell yourself short. Always be happy. If there is anyone in a band, I would like to say work hard, play a lot and just love what you do.


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Check out Hedley’s latest video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksrFRkA8J4w&feature=youtube

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