Artist Jennifer Perlmutter Explores Emotional Challenges in 'Running Through the Forest'

Jennifer Perlmutter


Cero Space, a gallery in the Brewery Arts Complex of downtown Los Angeles, is presenting paintings by contemporary abstract artist Jennifer Perlmutter. The series, "Running Through the Forest, Trails of Uncertainty" by Jennifer Perlmutter, explores the artist's emotional and psychological challenges as filtered through the colors, energy and subtle impressions of the natural world. Varying in size from medium to large format, these works utilize mixed media collage or acrylic paint in deep, layered work that has come to signify Perlmutter's work. The show will run September 15 - October 14.


This is the second time in as many years Cero Space has hosted a show with art by Jennifer Perlmutter, an emerging California artist who began her career in LA. The title of the new series is an apt reflection of the work, which examines the act of surrendering to uncertainty and connects with visual inspiration from the state's varied forests.


“Running Through The Forest, Trails Of Uncertainty” is an evolution of the artist's signature style. Her paintings are mixed media with three-dimensional elements including canvas, wire, metal, paper and book covers in subtle, layered schemes. Perlmutter's colors are often muted and compelling, with slight changes in shade and value. Shape and line underscore the pervasive energy and mood of her work.


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