Artists’ Visual Journeys Through Mental Health

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This group exhibition at the Brentwood Arts Exchange takes viewers on a visual journey through mental health, exploring collective pain from the artists’ point of view.


The title of the exhibit, Put It To The Fire, references centuries-old healing rituals practiced across the globe, where fire is used as a metaphorical cleanser, releasing unwanted energies, mindsets, and attachments in order to create space for new intentions to grow and thrive.


The exhibit intends to address multiple aspects of the mental health journey: from pain to healing, and suffering to hope.   


The exhibit is on view through October 9, 2021. For more information about the artworks featured here, visit Brentwood Arts Exchange.


Featured artists include: Christina Osheim, Heather Harvey, Judith Pratt, and Katina Butsicas, among others.



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