Corey Helford Gallery Showcases New Multi-Artist Show

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Los Angeles's Corey Helford Gallery is currently featuring its latest exhibition, showcasing a new series of works by five artists: aica, Fafi, Kristen Liu-Wong, Messy Desk, and ONEQ. 


aica’s new series Reincarnation:

aica is a Japanese artist currently residing in New York City, and her work reflects purity and serenity in stark contrast to the fast-paced urban landscape of Manhattan. aica’s fantastical creations perfectly capture a magical inner place of creativity and whimsy. The artist’s new series is deeply personal.



Fafi’s new series Love and Fafiness:

Fafi’s work explores femininity through stereotypes and ultimately uses them to her advantage. The artist says that “Mehdi [Fafi’s late ex-husband, Mehdi Favéris-Essadi] gave us Love & Fafiness as a title for a Japanese book we published more than a decade ago. He has been gone for 10 years now. Today, our son is almost a man and I feel he is happy. We moved from Paris to a city on the ocean where I can breathe. My familial job is done and I can get back to work. This series is me rediscovering my artistic life.”



Kristen Liu-Wong’s new series Let the Mirror Move First:

Kristen Liu-Wong’s newest series is an exploration of the self and the opposing motivations at work within each of us. Liu-Wong says that “over this long period of isolation, I’ve been forced to turn inwards almost unendingly with little to distract me, and in doing so, I became intrigued by the discrepancies that often exist between the idea of self and the reality of self. It can sometimes be difficult for us to look in the proverbial mirror, especially when what we see doesn’t match up with what we expect to see. In these paintings, mysterious masked ghosts, scowling reflections, and repeating figures are used as visual motifs to embody all of the conflicting aspects that make up a person.



Messy Desk’s new series Messy Desk's Friends in Wonderland:

Jane Lee, aka Messy Desk, creates pieces that are full of joy, with her characters, animals, and happy faces interwoven between buildings. The pieces are carefully crafted, stroke after stroke, and the result is high-density landscapes with an explosion of color. Frantic as it might be at first glance, after close inspection, Messy Desk’s art is full of emotional stories, like treasures hidden in plain sight, waiting to be discovered. 



About ONEQ’s new series Uzume:

Okinawa-based ONEQ is a self-taught artist who creates modern pin-up illustrations influenced by her youth spent on a secluded Japanese island, where she would spend her days dreaming of aquatic adventures and reading countless comics at a neighbor's home. Regarding her newest series, the artist shares: “Uzume is the goddess of performing arts that appears in Japanese mythology and is also the oldest dancer in Japan…I was fascinated and inspired by her unique solution to things that combined her dynamic, wild and feminine intellect.”



Corey Helford Gallery is located at 571 S. Anderson St. Los Angeles, Calif., 90033, and normal hours are Tuesday – Saturday, from 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm.


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All images courtesy of Corey Helford Gallery
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