Enjoying ‘Slow Travel’ in Wyoming


Known as Cody Yellowstone, Park County is a land of sparse human population — only four residents for every square mile — but wildlife like bison, elk, wolves, bears and raptors abounds. A chance to see the region’s free-roaming wildlife is just one of the many reasons millions of people travel to the region every year. They also come to see the park’s famous geothermal features and historic structures

Study Links Wildlife Decline to Human Trafficking

Ngoc Nguyen

A new report highlights a hidden social cost of fish declines: It drives up human trafficking and child labor. The conservation policy report, led by researchers at the University of California at Berkeley, appeared last week (July 25) in the journal Science. Using data from the U.S. Department of Labor and the United Nations, researchers illustrate how decreasing fish stock fuels labor abuses. According to the report, a world with less fish means that fishers have to search farther out, go deeper, endure harsher conditions and fish for longer to attain the same yields they did a generation ago. 

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