Walt Whitman

Acclaimed Author Jonah Lehrer Discusses ‘Imagine,’ His Latest Best Seller, and Mysteries of Creativity

Elizabeth Pyjov

What do the “a-ha” moments in our minds mean, and where do they come from? The connections between art and science and the mystery of creativity have become the specialties of author and journalist Jonah Lehrer. What makes Lehrer stand out as a writer is that even while explaining the science behind a phenomenon such as creativity, he takes away none of its magic, and even as he acknowledges the complexity of his subject, he still illuminates it beautifully. Lehrer recently spoke with Highbrow Magazine.

American Poetry Enters Another ‘Golden Age,’ Thanks to a Burgeoning, Vibrant Scene

Gerry LaFemina

Today, America has perhaps the largest, most vibrant, diverse and democratic poetry communities in the world. And despite the in-fighting, despite the poetry-apocalypse watchers who will have us believe poetry in America is a dying art – thanks to an abundance of MFA programs, small magazines, poetry websites, and poetry slams/open mics – it is apparent that such things are evidence to the dynamism and vitality of poetry in America.

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