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Tim Burton’s ‘Frankenweenie,’ ‘Game Change’ Arrive on DVD, Blu-ray

Forrest Hartman

Most of Burton’s movies are instantly recognizable thanks to the filmmakers’ unique artistic vision and his ability to blend dark, film noir elements into genres known for sunnier treatments.  His touch is particularly welcome here because “Frankenweenie” – presented in black and white – is visually similar to director James Whale’s 1931 version of “Frankenstein.”  The likeness adds to the idea that Burton is not only re-imagining Shelley’s story but paying tribute to its previous film incarnations. 

‘Dark Shadows,’ ‘People Like Us’ Arrive on DVD, Blu-ray

Forrest Hartman

One can always count on director Tim Burton to deliver movies dripping with atmosphere, and his film adaptation of the 1960s and ’70s soap opera “Dark Shadows” is eerily beautiful to look at. Unfortunately, the storytelling elements don’t keep pace with Burton’s visual craftsmanship. The “Dark Shadows” TV show ran five years, and vampire Barnabus Collins wasn’t in early episodes, but his eventual appearance created a ratings spike, making him the face of the series. Likely for that reason, Burton and company put the focus squarely on Barnabus (Johnny Depp). 

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