the sun walks down

A Look at the Best Books of 2023 and Other Favorites

Lee Polevoi

Fiona MacFarlane’s debut novel, The Sun Walks Down, takes place over the course of a week. With each passing day, the search for Denny Wallace grows more agonizing, for the citizens of Fairly and for the reader. The story moves without a bump among a teeming cast of characters, landing squarely on their passions and their sense of impending doom

‘The Sun Walks Down’ Is a Poignant Story Set Against the Landscape of the Australian Backcountry

Lee Polevoi

In 1883, a child goes missing during a sandstorm in the barren landscape of southern Australia. This event sets in motion a range of actions and consequences in and around the small community of Fairly. The teeming cast includes (but isn’t limited to) Denny Wallace, the 6-year-old missing child; his mother, father, and five sisters; a priest undergoing a crisis of faith; two native trackers; a newlywed constable and his wife; and a Swedish exile painter and his wife.

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