September 11

Striking a Balance Between National Security and Civil Liberties

Andrew Lam

But what if, in the name of security, you were willing to give up more rights, not just at the airport, but everywhere else? What if the whole country were to slowly become a kind of mega-airport, a place where you had to watch your language and restrict your communication activities, all under the watchful, electronic eye of Uncle Sam? That is increasingly becoming the scenario in America today, as the story of Edward Snowden versus the National Security Agency unfolds.

Why New York Remains America’s Most Fascinating City

Eugene Durante

Considering Gotham’s controversial history, no wonder the citizens possess a distinctive edge. The vibrant culture of the city induces feedback from every visitor -- even if the opinions are based on half-baked stereotypes. But having a New York story is what every visitor seeks; because in New York, like nowhere else, the exposure is the attraction. The soul of the city is felt on the sidewalks and subways, on the front stoop and back alleys. You just can’t paint it on the walls. 

From Underage Drinkers to Criminals: Examining the World of Fake IDs

Matthew Rudow

Unfortunately, the criminals behind these fake driver’s licenses tend to learn as they go, gaining more information about the system and finding new techniques to beat it. This makes spotting fakes  difficult and compels law enforcement to scramble to keep up. Many fabricated driver’s licenses can pass the quick glance of a bouncer, and even the bar codes on many fake cards have become detailed enough to fool a typical scanning device. The websites that offer these cards, though clearly illegal, have reached out to buyers by advertising on social networking sites, and may show up in major search engines

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