Tokyo, Seoul Prepare for Obama Visit

Kim Tae-gyu

All eyes are on President Barack Obama’s itinerary for his planned trip to Asia in April as Korea and Japan are now embroiled in a fierce historical and territorial battle of nerves.Obama is widely expected to visit Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines and Malaysia as well as Japan. Of interest is whether or not his stops will include Seoul and how long he will stay in Tokyo.

How Park Geun-Hye Defeated the Odds and Became Korea’s First Female President

Alexis K. Barnes

The major topic concerning voters was economics and Park claims that her victory will help rebuild Korea’s economy. She has promised to redistribute wealth and reform conglomerates - ones that her father created. The leader also plans on opening a dialogue with North Korea. “Peace bought with extravagant gifts is a false peace,” she said. “True peace is achieved through trust-building efforts on the foundation of a strong deterrent.”

Seoul, Korea: Another City That Never Sleeps

Alexis K. Barnes

Nestled between eight mountain ranges lies an Asian metropolis rivaling the population of New York, the culture of Tokyo and the backdrop of Denver. With a population greater than NYC, at over 10 million inhabitants, and divided by the Han River, Seoul sits as a beacon of economic growth and Korean pride. Just 35 miles from the North Korean border, Seoul technically straddles a still active war zone. Despite its name, the demilitarized zone (DMZ) is the world’s most heavily militarized border. Manned around the clock by American, North and South Korean soldiers, the area is a constant reminder of North and South Korea’s shaky relationship. 

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