In Advertising, Sex Still Sells and Men Are Still Buying Manhood

Angelo Franco

A study conducted at the University of Manitoba found that as many as 56 percent of ads printed on men magazines depicted one or more hyper-masculine belief. Researches looked for images that portrayed situations commonly associated with hyper-masculinity, such as ads that showed men as violent, physically aggressive, hypersexual, or involved in a dangerous activity for the sake of the thrill. Aside from the fact that more than half the ads fit these definitions, the study also found that the ads are targeting low-income, younger men to an alarming rate. 

‘Look of Love’ Studies the Life of Nude Revue Producer Paul Raymond

Gabriella Tutino

The Look of Love is a period piece with the swinging '60s as its background, and all the expected cultural notes are there—the free sexual attitudes of the decade, the music, the fashions and cars. It is easy to see how Paul Raymond’s pornographic businesses flourished. And although The Look of Love hits the right notes visually, it doesn’t save the film from being unfocused and lacking depth. The film tries to balance the success of Raymond’s empire with the entrepreneur’s unsuccessful relationships.

Paul Janka and the Art of the Pick-Up

Evan Bleier

A native of Santa Monica, Calif., Janka’s parents divorced when he was young. Somewhat of a wallflower in high school, Janka was raised primarily by his mother and had more success with swimming, soccer and studying than he did with the opposite sex. That’s all in the past. Now Janka is a recognizable face in the Pick-Up Artist community, a collection of alpha-male teachers, mentors and advisers all helping less confident men to answer one question: How can I have more sex with women?

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