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The 2020 Academy Awards: And the Oscar Goes To…

Christopher Karr

Parasite is the best movie of the year, and Joker is a close second. Still, it’s hard to imagine the Academy resisting Quentin Tarantino’s exquisite plunge into 1969 Hollywood. The movie is catnip for voters. Plus, Parasite is destined to get its due in other categories. The screenplay for Parasite is one of the greatest original scripts in recent memory. It has a dazzling, Shakespearean depth. Quentin Tarantino’s screenplay is flawed (especially that unacceptable ending, which flirts with canceling out the significance of everything that leads up to it), but the vision he expressed on the page merits recognition. 

Greta Gerwig Makes Directorial Debut With ‘Lady Bird’

Piya Sinha-Roy

The film, which opened in limited theaters last week and will roll out in more U.S. theaters this month, marks the solo directing debut of Gerwig, 34. She carved a career co-writing and starring in independent darlings such as 2010’s “Greenberg” and 2012’s “Frances Ha.”  “Lady Bird” has already garnered critical praise and early awards buzz. “She just has this unique lens of seeing the world,” actor Beanie Feldstein, who plays Lady Bird’s best friend Julie, said of Gerwig. ​

‘Frances Ha,’ ‘Man of Steel’ Arrive on DVD, Blu-ray

Forrest Hartman

Baumbach co-wrote the screenplay with Gerwig, and the latter – an underused actress – does a fine job in the title role. It, no doubt, helps that Gerwig had such intimate familiarity with the material because the film is more concerned with the things going on in Frances’ head than those taking place in her life. Baumbach opted to shoot the movie digitally and release it in black and white, a move that results in a classic, arty feel, even though the characters and events are decidedly contemporary. 

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