Miranda July

Literary Flashback: Reading Miranda July’s ‘No One Belongs Here More Than You’

Kimberly Tolleson

Though the protagonists are often sad, the book itself is not; on the contrary, it is lovely and life-affirming. The characters in No One Belongs Here More Than You are so uncomfortably human and delightfully flawed, that whether the reader ultimately decides to embrace or reject them, he or she will undoubtedly be affected by their stories. In this way, July’s characters do make the human connection which they seek so eagerly.

Miranda July: Reality Dreamed and Dreaming Realized

Karen Pyudik

Ado Kyrou said that French filmmaker Georges Melies achieved in his films “the perfect mixture of reality dreamed and dreams made real.”  Much of the Melies spirit lives in the art of Miranda July. Some critics regard this soft-spoken, mild-mannered, yet casually guarded thirty-something as one of America’s finest contemporary artists. Though consensus of her place in cinema remains in dispute, only a handful of artists can boast that their work warrants a major debate about what constitutes filmmaking.


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