Climate Displacement Is Already a Crisis

Angelo Franco

The challenges in addressing climate-induced migration are as diverse as they are complex. From the need for international legal frameworks that recognize and protect climate refugees, to the implementation of national policies and strategies that focus on adaptation and resilience, the path forward requires a concerted effort from all sectors of society.

What is the U.N. Plan to Help Climate Migrants?

Megan Darby

In a report released this week, the ‘task force on displacement’ called for better data collection and analysis on climate migration trends, and finance to help those hardest hit. “The UN currently lacks a systemwide lead, coordination mechanism, or strategy on disaster displacement, including related to climate change,” wrote the authors, who mostly represent UN agencies. They called on Secretary General Antonio Guterres to develop a response.

African-American Retirees: North Carolina's 'Reverse' Migration

Leoneda Inge

The mass exodus of millions of African Americans from the rural south to large urban areas across the United States was nothing more than great. During this Great Migration, almost half of the black adults in North Carolina left the state, most of them settling in and around New York. Now, those who left are steadily returning home to North Carolina to retire in a Great "Reverse" Migration.

Brazil and Mexico Come to the Aid of a Flailing Europe

Louis Nevaer

With no end in sight to Europe’s financial strains, countries in Latin America are looking on as their one-time colonizers struggle to keep popular unrest over unemployment and austerity measures at bay. Many see signs of a historical shift in the trans-Atlantic power dynamic. Some, notably Mexico and Brazil, see opportunity. In early March, hundreds of thousands of Portuguese marched from Lisbon to the city of Oporto in protest over slashed budgets. 


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