Marine Le Pen

Emmanuel Macron Takes Power in France

Michel Rose and Jean-Baptiste Vey

Emmanuel Macron took power as president of France on Sunday, vowing to restore the country's status in Europe and the world and heal divisions in society -- a nod to the bitter campaign the pro-EU centrist fought to defeat a far-right leader. The 39-year-old former investment banker, unknown to the wider public three years ago and whose May 7 election marked a meteoric rise to power, was inaugurated leader of the world's fifth-largest economy in a solemn Elysee Palace ceremony.

The Dangerous Rise of Radical Right-Wing Parties in Europe

Cas Mudde

During times of economic crisis, immigrants are often the scapegoats of all problems, from crime to unemployment. Far-right parties, in particular, make attacking immigrants the core of their programs. None more so than the Greek Golden Dawn, an unabashed neo-Nazi party, which even goes so far as to enforce its election slogan “Let’s rid this country from the filth” by attacking immigrants in the streets. Anti-immigrant sentiments are rampant throughout Europe, and they are not only reserved for the far right.

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