margaret thatcher

How the IRA Nearly Murdered the ‘Iron Lady’ in ‘There Will Be Fire’

Lee Polevoi

There Will Be Fire grows out of impressive archival research, as well as more than a hundred interviews with police detective, ex-IRA members, politicians, bomb disposal experts, and many others. In his account of how the plot to assassinate Thatcher unfolded, the author offers a measured, even-handed account of The Troubles.

A Bomb Is Ticking in Jonathan Lee’s Riveting ‘High Dive’

Lee Polevoi

On October 12, 1984, a time bomb planted by the IRA exploded in the Grand Hotel in Brighton, England. The target of the bombing, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, on hand for the annual gathering of her Conservative Party Conference, walked away unharmed. Five other people died and many suffered serious injuries. On this tragic real-life event, British writer Jonathan Lee has grafted High Dive, his third novel and first to be published in the U.S.

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