My Story With Leon Wieseltier

Karen Lehrman Bloch

My purpose here is not to defend Wieseltier against the charges of other women. I have no special interest in defending him. We haven’t worked together in years. I bumped into him last year; it was the first time I had seen or spoken to him in ages. I’m writing not to negate anyone else’s story, but simply to tell my own. I want to say that this particular man inspired me to be my best self, made me into a thinker, and helped me reconnect to my Judaism.


New Film Explores Kabbalah, the Need for Religious Identity

Karen Wright

When Steven starts to ask questions, the Jewish community is happy to reintroduce and integrate him. As his rabbi cousin explains Kabbalah, Steven states that while some people are introduced by rituals, his motivation is to learn his heritage without any guarantee as to what he will do with that new knowledge. In fact, at the beginning of the documentary, Steven seems to be going through the motions of the rituals, just for the sake of experiencing something new, perhaps as you would try a new ride at the amusement park. 

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